Monday, May 25, 2009

ESB vs Biztalk

Today I was in a seminar organized by Microsoft on interoperability. I was listening to Lorenzo Madrid and found it interesting to know his view point on open standards and interoperability. He is of the opinion, interoperability can be achieved even without open standards. Based on my questions he may have realized that I share a different opinion on the topic.

However, later on one of the example projects they have done using Biztalk lead me to read bit more about Biztalk and I found this interesting post. Of course this is an old post;

But has Microsoft change their view point later on?

Now what they have is a set of guidelines as to how to use Biztalk as an ESB.

Hence, the fundamental issue still remains. Of course when you look at most of the J2EE based ESB implementations, I don't see a different with them and Biztalk.

One example of a real ESB, in my opinion, is here....


srimal said...
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srimal said...

Interesting point.. :)

It would be great if you could summarize whats in the URLs given - very briefly, for the benefit of the readers who are more interested in catching your point as opposed to exploring proof of it.

Wasantha Deshapriya said...

I agree with Srimal, Once you have a another short time, why do not summerize what each URLs is telling. That could give a comprehensive view on this all affair.

Anonymous said...

Will do :-)

Danny Cooper said...

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