Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zimbra Calendar Synch for Android

Last week I bought a hTC phone with Google Android. One thing I really like is, now my Mobile OS is independent of the Hardware device. Set it up to sync with my email and social media (Facebook, twitter, Flickr, etc). Only issue was my office calendar integration since Google calendar doesn't support accepting secure certificates from certificate providers other than those international big ones. Hope Google will facilitate this soon. However, I found a solution.

Search for CalDav in the Google market place from your android phone. Install the application and configure it to access CalDav Calendar of Zimbra. Usually its in a URL, https://mailserver/dav/username/Calendar. In order to accept the secure certificate of your provider, go to the menu option "more" "Advance Settings". Go to "Advanced Connection Settings" and enable "Accept SSL Certificates from untrusted sources". Now get back to the main menu and click "Synchronize Now". You will see your office schedule reflected in the Android Calendar App.

One more thing I discovered is that you get an option to switch the on-screen keyboard by holding the finger couple of seconds on an edit field. Of course that is provided you have multiple keyboards installed.


Rahman Isnaini said...

Nice one, my android calendar now synced.

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