Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Notes for my talk @ FOSS for Journalists

I have to deliver a speech at FOSS for Journalists conference organized by ICTA ( Since I felt this may be useful for a larger audience, I thought of having my notes on my blog.

FOSS Applications

Useful Links


Getting/Intalling new Software

  • Synaptic, Download and install new software
  • GDebi, Install downloaded packages
  • DownThemAll!, Download manager

Internet Browser

  • Firefox
  • Chromium

Playing Music & Video

  • Rhythmbox
  • Banshee
  • Movie Player
  • VLC

Burning CDs & DVDs

  • Brasero

Taking Notes

  • Gedit
  • LeafPad

Word Processor

  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Writer

Spread Sheet

  • LibreOffice Calc
  • Calc


  • LibreOffice Impress
  • Impress

Image Viewer & Editor

  • Eye of GNOME
  • Gimp
  • GimpShop
  • Inkscape

Internet Messaging and Video Conferencing

  • Pidgin
  • Ekiga

Simple Publishing

  • LibreOffice Draw
  • Draw
  • Evince, PDF/PS reader
  • LibreOffice/, PDF creation
  • Print to PDF

News Reader & Podcast Client

  • Firefox
  • Yarssr
  • Rhythmbox

Blogging, Micro Blogging, and Social Media

  • Any Web Browser
  • Gwibber

Monday, October 17, 2011

Recovering data from a corrupted pen drive

My wife complained that one of her pen drives stop working and the OS doesn't recognize it any more.

When I check the device I realized that it doesn't have a partition table any more. May be the device is failing. So I quickly create an image of the whole device using dd.

sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=pendrive.img

I tried fsck.vfat on the image without any luck. Then I found this article.

The magical tools are, testdisk, photorec, and foremost. Very importantly it all comes FREE with Linux.

I manage to recover most of her important files with these tools. Many thanks to the creators of these software!