Saturday, November 1, 2008

IIT Conference 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka

This year IITC 2008 was held on the 28th and the 29th of October at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (B.M.I.C.H.) - Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was followed by series of workshops on the 30th and the 31st of October.

On the 28th I present a paper based on my MSc research "Mahatittha: An Open Source Distributed Transaction Manager for Spring Framework by Leveraging Reliable Group Communication".

On the 30th I did a workshop "Introduction to SOA and Web Services". I make use of WSO2 WSAS, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Registry, and WSO2 Mashup Server to demonstrate the participants how SOA can be implemented using Advanced Web Services / SOA middleware technologies like WSO2 product stack.

It was a small crowd, but very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

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